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due to in-store promotional sales programs by a number of our customers. Basic mineral sales increased 5% over last year due to higher bulk shipments of chromite in South Africa. Operating income for the segment was $24 million and represented 18.7% of sales compared with 19.8% last year. The decrease in operating margin was due to product mix and lower high margin export sales. Let me draw your attention for a moment to the chart at the bottom right-hand side of the slide, where you can see the significant improvement in profitability in this segment. For perspective, average margins for the business in the pre acquisition time frame shown in the yellow shaded region were around 11% of sales. Today, operating margins average around 19% with EBIDTA margins of 25%. Moving to the third quarter, we expect segment operating income to be approximately the same as the second quarter with a similar performance from each of the segments’ product lines. pop over hereNow let’s take a look at the results in the construction technologies segment Sales for this segment were approximately $54 million, 5% higher than last year on a constant currency basis and 33% higher than the first quarter which illustrates the significant seasonal nature of this business. Environmental product sales were up by 20%, driven primarily by $4 million of incremental Resistex shipments to both coal ash and red mud applications in the quarter. Building materials and drilling product sales were down 9% due primarily to few large construction waterproofing projects in the western region of the U.S.

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This bias tends to raise or lower the scores of people who are interviewed. The requisition is created by the Service enter Human Resources’ Coordinator or Departmental Human Resources Coordinator and approved by the Service enter HR Organizational Coordinator or Organizational HR Coordinator Once approved, the Departmental HR Coordinator or Service enter will review the requisition and route on-line to the HR Classification Analyst who will assign the classification The requisition is then routed to the HR Recruitment Analyst who will post the position Applications can be reviewed and mispositioned once the minimum number of posting days has been reached Internal candidates will apply through the regular application process and will be included in the candidate pool along with external candidates see 6.0 Special Considerations for details In order to identify the widest and talented applicant pool, sourcing and outreach activities should be engaged. If you keep the conversation casual but professional, you are likely to get more information. The candidate will have 45 minutes for the writing exercise. Let me read you the part that describes his or her job with your organization. Information to assist potential applicants in understanding the selection process when applying for an advertised position within the Department of Human Services. For example, should the person have a college degree, or how many years of relevant experience is necessary? Record the reference’s responses. An applicant is complaining about the disorganization of a previous employer and is beginning to repeat information. This contractor and subcontractor shall abide by the requirements of 41 CFC 60-300.5a.

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